We will always remember Ellie for her love for others, her creativity, sensitivity, and delight in life! Ellie's light has spread far and wide... may it continue to shine in our hearts.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Answer to the question about Ellie's eyesight

Leslie, you asked a good question about Ellie's eyesight, but I didn't want to answer it in the comments because I know others are probably asking the same question. Ellie cannot see anything at all out of her left eye. No one is able to give us a 100% answer as to how permanent the vision loss is, but the truth of the matter is that it's not likely that she will regain the sight. The tumor in her head was causing pressure on her optic nerve, but by now the tumor should be considerably smaller. If the pressure caused damage to the optic nerve, then the vision loss is permanent. Only time will tell if there was damage, but the fact that there is no improvement yet is not a good sign. Ellie has adjusted completely to the loss - she can do everything the same as before. The only thing that frustrates her is when she tries to look down at the left side of her chest (where her broviak cathedar is) during dressing changes. We now try to have a mirror handy to help her. Thanks for the question - I forgot that not everyone knows this piece of the puzzle. Thanks for the words to that song - I love that one too. - Sarah


At 10:41 AM, Anonymous Theresa said...

I just want you to know we are continuing to pray for Ellie and all of the family. I shared the Blog site with some ladies from my Bible Study and Ellie is also being prayed for at our Church!

Love and Prayers!
Dan, Noah and Gloria too

At 12:37 PM, Blogger Jessica said...

I can't wait to see you this afternoon! :)

At 7:54 PM, Anonymous Angela said...

I think about,and pray for, you and Ellie (and the boys) everyday! You all are on our hearts.
Thanks for blogging so much of your journey.
Your extended family in Montana,
Angela, Derrick, Alec and Jacob McLauchlin

At 8:19 PM, Blogger Miss Molly said...

PLEASE READ. God Bless You!

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At 8:47 PM, Anonymous Kristina said...

Hi! This is Kristina, I posted a comment a few days ago. I wanted to share an excellent sermon with you about pain and sufferingfrom my church today. My church is called "Buckhead Church," which is a campus of North Point Community Church. The pastor is Andy Stanley, son of Charles Stanley. I couldn't stop thinking about you and your familiy this morning as I was sitting there. You can actually watch the sermon online at this website. The message is called "Facing Forward" at
Praying for you. Thank you for sharing about Ellie's eye. It is amazing how she has compensated!
Good night,
Kristina (Newton) McDougall

At 7:23 PM, Anonymous Sarah said...

Thank you all!


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