We will always remember Ellie for her love for others, her creativity, sensitivity, and delight in life! Ellie's light has spread far and wide... may it continue to shine in our hearts.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Prayer Request...

Just wanted to get word out to you that Loretta has been having a very rough several days health-wise. She struggles with asthma, and had been already having difficulty before the fires started up all over the state. A few have come close enough to where we are to create a thick haze of smoke and the ground around the house is covered with black ash. Now Loretta is having great difficulty with her breathing. Please just pray that she would get some relief by any means possible. We would love a good hard rain storm to clear the air, but so far it looks like the chance of rain tomorrow is 20%. Thanks so much for your prayers! I'll let you know how it goes...


At 5:26 AM, Blogger Becky K. said...

Praying in PA!
I have recently been following your blog and keeping your family in prayer.
My daughter started a blog that Ellie may enjoy.



At 5:42 AM, Blogger LindaSueBuhl said...

Thank you for giving us a chance to pray for Loretta - she seems to be such a giving person. Having had asthma in years gone by - I can pray with genuine empathy.

At 5:49 AM, Blogger oneofhisfriends said...


Praying for rain and the health of all.


At 3:31 PM, Blogger tricia said...

Boy do I understand what she's going through...very scary. I will be keeping her in my prayers.

At 8:35 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

we will be praying for loretta and all of you and for some rain.God Bless. simons family


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