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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Checking in...

I still don't have my computer back from the shop, so I am down at the big house using La's computer. I just can't stand to be disconnected that long. In case you ever had any doubt, I would so not do well living "off the grid".

John has safely arrived in Florida. He had a good and uneventful trip. Ethan has been doing reasonably well. He does miss John, and loves to snuggle up in one of John's tee-shirts at night. Once I get my computer back, we plan to do lots of web-camming. John will even read Narnia to Ethan at night over the web-cam. I'm hoping that it doesn't end up making Ethan sadder.

Ethan is enrolled in "Little Guy Wrestling" at school, and so far seems to be loving it! He flat out refused to consider wrestling if he had to wear the "singlet" that they are required to wear for tournaments, and I was facing one of those all or nothing kinds of decisions. I was able to work a deal to allow Ethan to go to the practices three nights a week, and keep him out of the Saturday tournaments. This has worked out wonderful so far! He loves getting to excercise and wrestle, but has none of the pressure of competition, cheering fans, and singlet torture. And I don't have to travel all over western Montana every Saturday. See? Everybody wins! Under ordinary circumstances I would have forced the issue and made Ethan go all in or not at all, but there is only so much trauma that the little guy can go through at one time. It was easy to see that just participating in practice would do a world of good for Ethan. It has been hilarious to watch the practices. Ethan is among the smallest boys, with the exception of a couple of pre-schoolers, and it is just so cute to watach these little guys attack each other's legs and roll around on the mat. A couple of times I had to hold my breath, just waiting for Ethan to explode in anger over the offence of having his head whacked or arm twisted as he fell. But the boys just roll over and grin at each other. And the warm ups are just as entertaining. They run back and forth, cartwheel, and summersault down the mats. Needless to say, he sleeps great on those nights! I plan to get some photos and video to share with you.

Hopefully I will be back in touch before too many days go by... I REALLY hope that my computer is done by Monday! :-)


At 5:46 AM, Blogger LindaSueBuhl said...

Oh how fun - Ethan the wrestler. It is a great way for a boy with no brothers in the household to work off some energy. Good for him. Glad to hear from you - hooray for John's safe and uneventful trip - when driving that far uneventful is GOOD. Missing you and glad you checked in -

At 10:02 PM, Anonymous Jen Johnson said...

Hi there! Just wanted to let you know that I did get your message and La's. We stayed up on Big Mtn this weekend but I did get messages today when I got home. Good thing to know and be able to pass on! Thanks!
Cody is trying to fight off a cold but I'll let you know when he is better so we can get them together with Ethan. Oh....tell John that we won the Family Cup Race up on Big Mtn this weekend. The second year in a row. We fear next year they might throw tomatoes at us if we win! We brought home 10 trophies in all. Alright, hope you get your computer back soon. I miss our late night chats!
Much Loves~Jen


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