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Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Thank you all for your prayers! I'm sorry I've not been able to post these past days. I've been at the hospital a lot, and very busy in between times. As of late last night, Jared is home with Jesus. It has been an incredibly long, hard week for the family, and as you all know things will be terribly difficult for the foreseeable future. Jared's wife, Michelle is so grateful for all of the prayers, and even in the midst of the heartbreak she has seen the hand of God at work. She has seen so many ways in which God has set up things to meet her needs even before the accident. The family is now preparing a memorial service to celebrate Jared's life, but some of the family and close friends will be unable to attend because they live in Montana or other far away places. Some of the Montana family who were here during the hospital time had to return. Please continue praying for all involved. And thank you for caring so much! I will be incredibly busy over the next few days, but will be back in touch when I can.


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Sarah - please tell Jared's wife there are people all over praying for them - and we both know one of the joys of salvation is knowing for a fact we'll see our saved loved ones again. I'm so sorry - for Jared's family and for you and John to have no time to settle in - but God's timing is God's timing - take care and hug Mr. Ethan for us

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